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Top 10 Windows Phone App Review

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Today I have come up with the best 10 apps on Windows Phone. 

They like me who use Windows Phone App crisis. 

But today I also hope that it will ask the name of the 10 App reduce your sorrow. 

For all the very job. 

They are no longer a job for you if you do not have to install multiple App.

So let's start:(I speak here of an app, not a social network. 

If you do not get a chance to enter the Top 10 in the App list, not the other categories.)

1) Blink: Windows Phone App This is very important. It is for those who love to make mobile photography with the best sports. With it you can capture a second 16 frame

Ii) Adobe Reader: To read a PDF file, Adobe Reader of the platform has a substantial reputation.

3) Files: In order to pack the contents of the memory card and the phone's built-in way to get an App called Storage Sense. But in terms of the necessity of this App is built on top of the 'Files' App.

4) Modern Translate: one of the biggest problem for all Windows platforms, you do not get a dictionary, too. How many of those that will not be able to meet your needs. In this situation, you may want to download Google Translate app, but another bad news for you. The Windows Store apps you will not get the official Google Translate. So you 'Modern Translate' app which you can download the 'Google Translate' s like you can use.

5) Play Tube 2015: To download a YouTube video of the tiubameta eyandrayeda's popular App. Tiubameta of Windows you will find several apps, but all fake. They will not be able to download the videos in the memory. You can download any video memory 'PlayTube 2015' can use.

6) Sajama: an app great for music lovers. Anyone else have any music playing, the song was very good leg. Now you want to play the song on your phone or the lyrics of the song you want, but do not know the name of the song. Open the app. Get all the details of the song along with the song.

7) UC Browser: a browser is good for browsing the net in peace. UC Browser Windows, you will not find anything to coax the mind.

8) Movie Maker 8.1: those who love to make it for them with a mobile short films. To download it, you need to spend money. Free apps in the 'Movie Creator Beta' can use.

9) Pics Art: the first is like taking a picture want to Edit the picture. You can download the Android Editor 4-5 pm and collectively had a picture Edit. But you do not get the advantages of Windows. Most of the windows Photo Editor obviously fake. The pikasa Art will give you the best advantages. You can to.

10) One Drive: a friend of the current era of cloud storage is necessary. This is required to update the personal information that can not be done. It opens the account you will receive free 15 GB storage.

Like to conclude today. Thank you all.
Windows phones have again brought you the top 10 games.

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