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Do not miss anyone, excellent software in a locker

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Ladies and Gentlemen, 
I hope by the grace of God they are.

Today I will discuss with you an extraordinary folder locker.
By using this software because I have too much fun.
So I do not have to share with you. I come to work.
Download the software from here. This software is portable, so there is no problem to install.
The software downloaded on it to copy. Now you can go lock the folder, the folder and paste it in the software. 
Double-click to open hotels in the software.Ok ok if the day.
Give the password twice. Then click on the button to protect.
To unlock the locked into the software in the double-click inside the folder.
Give the password. If you want to see the locked state, then enter by clicking on the virtual. And if you want to fully unlock, then click the enter unprotect it. Finish the job.
Special qualities of the
If you c: drive with this software than any other drive in the locked folder, then when you opareting system change and locked the folder will be locked before.
It's you, is not an issue of the locked folder. If anyone in this video tutorial to see if you can understand the problem.

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